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A platform to network

Benelux Baltics in Business (BBinB) is a platform for members to network, learn and get advice from the best. We are here to exchange knowledge and experience about doing business in both the Baltic countries and the Benelux region, become a trusted source of information for newcomers, and bridge the regions.

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Why choose us

Hear from our community members

The Benelux Baltics in Business group is a wonderful platform connecting the two dynamic clusters of the European Union by enabling its members to share their business insights, exploring collaboration opportunities and encourage critical thinking.

Endre Szabo, Senior Executive, Coach/Mentor, Investor

An enriching network of resourceful people with Baltic roots. Looking forward to extending our experiences through each other.

Külli Seppar, Chief Procurement Officer at SHV, Member 

I feel that BBB opens up a wide range of possibilities of networking, self-education and following the innovations by connecting professionals from various industries and educational fields.

Neringa Morozaite-Rasmussen, Political & Communication consultant, Brussels, Belgium

BENELUX-BALTICS is a great initiative, bridging executives from 2 x 3 small, clustered countries. It is bringing great people together in the most interesting and inspiring initiatives.

Lydia van der Meulen, Client Partner & Global Life Sciences Practice Group Leader at Pedersen & Partners

To me BBB is an ideal platform to share professional challenges and opportunities within Baltics community in BeNeLux.

Vytautas Polujanskas, FP&A Analyst at Jacobs Douwe Egberts

BBB means for me staying connected with my Baltics, Latvian, roots, an opportunity to support professionals who are entering the Benelux Baltics with job and business market insights, as well expand my network.

Daiga Barone, HR & Organisational Development Expert

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Be an active participant and improve your knowledge and skills. Open yourself up for continuous  learning and gain an increased understanding of the world around you and acquire knowledge that will be useful in all aspects of life.

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Network with others in a similar line of work and exchange valuable advice or contacts. Create room for new partnerships and career opportunities by standing out with your expertise and services.

Meeting friends

Get full access to all our online and offline events for a subscribed year. Meet people from all walks of life with shared interests.

Having fun

Meet new people, make new friends, be a part of our events or help us organize them to enrich your life with unforgettable experiences.

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