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Being part of the network means

Building relations

A trusted “go-to” referral network might have an impact on your business or/and personal growth.

Learning from professionals

A diverse group of professionals creates an environment for everyone to learn about different business practices and cultures.

Sharpening skills

Be marketable in an increasingly competitive working environment. Stay up-to-date with new techniques while exploring new areas of familiar subjects.

Getting referrals

In today's market, word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. It might be crucial for purchasing decisions or higher conversion rate in sales.

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Who can join Benelux Baltics in Business?

Business professionals

BBB is a great place to connect and cooperate with like-minded professionals not only in sharing best practices but also in creating interesting projects. Being so diverse this community allows me to get insights into different companies and business and to reach different segments of audience. It’s like big extended family where everyone is there to support you, your ideas and also celebrate your victories.

Virginija Kerneviciute, Senior Project Lead, FedEx


Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place. Late nights and weekends in the office are commonplace. Being a member of a professional community that hosts live events can benefit you in many ways. A professional community helps to get your and your business name and face out there, both nationally and locally. Your activity within the community has a direct impact on your visibility.

Ben Baltramiejunas, Co-Founder & CEO at Block Games


BBinB has given me the opportunity to network with experts from different fields, as well as motivated, enthusiastic students who are also seeking to make an impact.

Nojus Kybartas, Student at Tilburg University

Partners you can meet at events

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Partners you can meet at events

Partners you can meet at events

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what’s included

Annual Conference

Webinars & Events

1-on-1 Business Intro

Social Club Access

BBinB Cinema Club

Monthly Insights Newsletter

Career/Life Coaching: 1-2hrs

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Join a go-to network for professionals and entrepreneurs from the Baltics and Benelux

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