Join Word Up crew for some English spoken word poetry

Evelina Kvartunaite
July 20, 2021

Sunday July 18th cultural experience in Westerpark, Amsterdam.

Join Word Up crew for some English spoken word poetry from 1pm CET.

Janice Erlbaum:
She is the author of GIRLBOMB and other books. She leads Word Up's weekly workshop "Inspiration Factory" and other workshops.

Child of Earth:
He is Queer, Black, German-American poet. He has lived around the world, and because he haven't ever really had a place he'd call "Home" he sometimes goes by "Child of Earth."                                                                                                                        

Joshua Baumgarten
New yorker and born again Haarlemmer, poet, spoken word artist and self-proclaimed fulltime daydreamer. Joshua is a well known figure in the scene and has graced many stages with his presence alone or as front man of the Irrational Library band.                                                        

Jackie Ashkin
is an author and anthropologist-in-progress. Half-Malaysian and half-American, her writing incorporates (a little more than) two decades of life lived between and across cultures. She now lives in the Netherlands, where she divides her time between creative writing, working on her doctorate, and convincing her pet lizard to his salad.                                                                                                                        

Kevin Groen
is a behavioral change enthusiast & spoken word artist who doesn’t shy away from exploring the uncomfortable. As an adopted South-Korean boy ‘identity’ has always been an important theme throughout his life. After finding his voice he now uses it to help his clients feel more alive and confront audiences with prejudices and unconscious biases you didn’t even know you had.                                                        

BLESZ (host)
is an Amsterdam-based MC, poet and DJ. His style is versatile but recognizable and his works are characterized by honesty, love, passion and criticism. From an early age he has been obsessed with music and lyricism and to be able to share this across the world definitely is a blessing. He is the co-founder of the Burgundy Productions foundation, owner of the Burgundy Sound Studio and co-organizer and host of the Word Up platform. These platforms all create spaces for talented creatives and promote diversity, inclusion, self-expression and personal growth.

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Written by
Evelina Kvartunaite
Event Production
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