Key Insights from the Annual Business Conference "Embrace One Constant in Business: Transformation"

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October 20, 2023

The third annual Benelux Baltics in Business and BMI Executive Institute organized conference was a true tribute to the one constant in business – transformation

Thank you to all the participants who decided to sharpen their knowledge and skills on a lovely Saturday afternoon at MACA Moving Arts Centre Amsterdam with us.

We would like to kindly express our gratitude to our speakers Ivan Bofarull, Jared Huke, Ainars Laksa-Timinskis, John Olsen,and Kulli Seppar who shared their expertise with the event attendees.

Now, let's delve into the key takeaways from this inspiring conference. 

Keynote speech “Moonshot Thinking: How we manage to reach for the stars” by Ivan Bofarull 

A moonshot, often considered a highly improbable endeavor, begins with the initial act of contemplation. The capacity to envision unconventional solutions, foster innovation, project into the future, and grow in unexpected directions pushes the boundaries of conventional thinking. The key is to embrace an open-minded approach that disregards conventional constraints and embraces a "sky's the limit" mindset. 

Case study: Applied transformation at scale with Jared Huke 

A growth mindset forms a robust foundation for undergoing transformation. When change is perceived as an opportunity for growth, your perspective on challenges and setbacks evolves, seeing them as stepping stones towards advancement. Nevertheless, there are instances when maintaining a vigilant approach becomes essential for survival. Actively challenging your own routines and habits can be a catalyst for transformation.

Panel discussion “Today the question is not whether to transform rather HOW” with John Olsen, Külli Seppar and Ainars Laksa-Timinskis 

There are four key lessons on how to transform:

1) instead of competing, focus on differentiation;

2) build systems and become a creator of lasting structures;

3) set challenging objectives that stretch your capabilities;

4) introduce a degree of organizational discomfort to foster growth and change.

Final Thoughts from the Organizing Team

On the behalf of all the team, we would like to express our sincerest appreciation for each of the event sponsors Apex Alliance Hotel Management, Unlock Tests, Lithuanian Embassy in The Netherlands.

We are very much looking forward to next year!

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The BBinB Team
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