Meeting with film director Romas Zabarauskas. Watch his latest film ‘The Lawyer’

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Laimis Zelnys
July 20, 2021

Benelux Baltics in Business (BBB) Cinema Club is inviting you to get better acquainted with Lithuanian cinema and its new generation of talented filmmakers. This time we all get a chance to see the movie ‘The Lawyer’ and meet with the film director Romas Zabarauskas.

In support of the film, we ask everyone to contribute 5 Euros. You will get a chance to screen the movie at home at your own convenience before meeting with Romas. More information below:

About the film

‘The Lawyer’ (2020) - Successful corporate lawyer Marius has pretty much everything he could ask for. But there is still a void in his life, which he begins to feel even more strongly after the loss of his father. In an attempt to cope with his grief, Marius searches for company online and gets to know the charming Ali, a refugee from Syria, over a hot video chat. A close relationship develops between the two very different men. But the societal hurdles that stand between them put their time together to the test.

Duration: 1h 37min

Language: English, Lithuanian (with English subtitles)

Written, directed & produced: Romas Zabarauskas

Main cast: Eimutis Kvosciauskas, Dogac Yildiz

About the event

  • The online meeting with Romas Zabarauskas will take place on August 26th at 19:00 CET and will last 1h 30min. 
  • We will talk to Romas about his filmmaking career, his inspiration, and the making of his latest film ‘The Lawyer’. 
  • You will have an opportunity to ask questions and share your own insights. 
  • The link to watch the film online will be sent to you ten days before the meeting.
  • The film will have English subtitles and the virtual meeting will be moderated in English by Laimis Zelnys. 
  • Everyone is invited to watch the movie and meet the director.


  1. Make sure to register by filling out this form.
  2. Within the following few days you will receive via email a link to pay 5 Euros. All money collected will be given to support the film.
  3. On Monday, August 16th, you will receive link to watch ‘The Lawyer’ which will be valid till the 26th.
  4. On Thursday, August 26th, at 19:00 CET, will be waiting to see you at our virtual meeting with Romas Zabarauskas (the link to the meeting will be send to you a day before). 

If you have any further questions, feel free to write them to Laimis Zelnys –

Also, feel free to follow us on Facebook for latest updates.

Looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming event!

BBB Cinema Club

Written by
Laimis Zelnys
Manager, BBB Cinema Club
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