Solving climate change with food by Frank Holleman

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Agne Nainyte
May 1, 2022

About the event

During this event speaker Frank Holleman will help to answer two questions:
1. What can I do about climate change?
2. What’s for dinner?

Frank will take us on a journey through the food system and the most important actions that everyone can take to play their role in 'solving climate change with food'.

Frank is translating climate science into digestible stories and recipes because food is the best way to make an impact. Three times a day we have a chance to vote on the kind of world we want to live in. 

Join us on April 14th and learn more about how you can make a difference!

About the speaker 

Frank Holleman is the co-founder of the Fork Ranger, book author and a speaker, he talks about #LessMeat, #FoodWaste, #ClimateChange, #SustainableLiving, and #SustainableFoodSystems.

In 2018 Frank struggled with a big question: what’s the biggest solution for climate change? The clear answer is food! Eating less meat is the number one action a person can do. Food is like voting three times a day, he says. The frustrating part was the existing recipes: “I don’t want to eat a quinoa salad or use weird ingredients”.

Therefore Frank started making his own recipes, wrote the book (with 40 easy recipes) and gave a TEDx talk about how to make sustainable food choices, started working on Fork Ranger, a start-up to turn research about climate change and food into practical tips and recipes.


April 14th (Thursday), 2022

08:00 - 09:00 CET


Online on Microsoft Teams.

Who can participate? 

Professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and companies from the Baltics and Benelux.

How to participate?

Participation is free! Click here to register before April 14th.

Written by
Agne Nainyte
Digital Transformation Consultant, Schuberg Philis
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